LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs Grow Self-Sustaining Businesses Together and Become Free!

A mastermind community to give you the tools, coaching, mentorship, accountability and elevated peer group to help you get to YOUR next level faster than ever before.


We bring together 🌈 LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and freelancers

who want to grow a thriving, sustainable business that doesn't rely on them alone to grow

alongside other passionate, committed members to learn and iterate a proven framework for operational growth

so that we can finally seize true freedom––financially, geographically, and with our time––control our lives,

and rise to become role models in our community.

5+ World Class Subject Matter Experts As Guides

Quality Networking With Like Minded Entrepreneurs

100+ Hours Of Insane Value Towards Your Growth

Time for your breakthrough!


Do you also feel like it's time to finally get unstuck and get to the next level with your business. But you thought you after being in business for a while now that you would have all the answers to deal with all the struggles, right?

I get it, you've been trying this for so long, going through programs, coaches,... But nothing really seems to work, and you fear that it's not going to help you get more sales immediately... Because that's what you need right now, a consistent stream of clients!

You have the basics in place but when you look at your revenue and see those poor numbers, you feel the stress & overwhelm rising again and again.

You feel embarrassed…

You feel stuck, not knowing what to do next to actually get some revenue going to at least cover the costs... You are constantly trying new tools and strategies until you stared at a bunch of random operations, watching your partner or family waiting until you get a proper job again...

You also tried to model other leaders but could never really apply their genius to your projects.

But there's a better way to grow a business so you can finally escape the feast & famine cycle of doom...

The Out & Proud Business Lounge is the program to get you there – to the life that may not have seemed possible or realistic. The life you desire – the life you deserve! – is within reach…

You just have to go and grab it.


  • LGBTQ+ Owned Small businesses and start-ups that sell B2B services.

  • B2B Coaches, Consultants, and service businesses who want a proven system for growing a steady stream of more and better clients

Who the Out & Proud Business Hub is NOT for...

The Hub is NOT suited for:

❌  LGBTQ+ Business Owners with more than 5 years experience leading a team;

❌  LGBTQ+ Business Owners  who aren't ready to show up, connect and be vulnerable;

❌  LGBTQ+ Business Owners who are looking for hacks, shortcuts or a recipe that will get them short-term results without engaging deeply with the ups and downs of a transformational journey that creates sustainability.

❌  LGBTQ+ Business Owners who haven't yet, or aren't willing to, learn and apply the steps of the Titan Roadmap in a tailored way to their business.



Hi Out & Proud Business Owner!

You don’t know me yet but I am a real person and the founder of Titanology. 😋

I live in Belgium and after more than a decade serving big corporate businesses, helping them analyze and streamline their teams, systems and leadership I chose to use my knowledge and help LGBTQ+ Business owners focus on growth instead of putting out fires all day long.

Finding a community with like-minded people inside the LGBTQ+ Community has always been a goal of mine since I came out only a few years ago at 36

yes I'm a "baby gay" 😅 

People with a growth mindset, building their own dreams, not afraid to take risks & open to share their experience and knowledge, that's my tribe! 

And if you're reading this, you're part of that tribe! 

I have massive respect for you!

99% of the people are afraid to take action, but that's not you,

you're ahead of those 99%

and that's why I created the Out & Proud Business Hub,

to gather the 1% that actually wants to create an impact through their own business.

And the beauty if it all is that once you're part of Titanology,

you don't need to look anywhere else,

we've got EVERYTHING you need

to get you unstuck, providing you all the answers

and build a self-sustainable business you can be proud of

and that allows you to go on a 4-week holiday without it breaking down!


Why You Should Join Us

The Out & Proud Business Hub serves as a forum for LGBTQ+ Business Owners in the (digital) business world to talk shop, share experiences, create unique connections and contribute tips, advice, and experiences in a cordial, friendly atmosphere.

Much like a virtual coffee shop–this Queer Business Community encourages interaction, collaboration, and free-flowing discussion among its members.

LGBTQ+ Exclusive

We have gone through our own set of battles during our lives. Being an entrepreneur is a battle of its own, so doing it together with like-minded, unapologeticly queer people is the perfect place to be.


Immersive Community

To grow a business and change your life, content is not enough, you need an immersive environment! The Out & Proud Business Lounge provides proven processes, mental reprogramming, community and expert mentorship!

Expert Mentorship

No matter how good the training is, you'll always have questions. Get 24/7 access to 10+ subject matter experts in marketing, sales, operations and finance in our exclusive Mighty Networks platform, through WhatsApp and Email.

What We Offer

Online membership platform

Watch training video's in stunning 1080p HD, listen to mp3 recordings or read the text transcripts. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.

Expert Mentorship on Demand

No time to watch videos? No worries!

Every week you have the opportunity to ask all your questions LIVE on our Zoom Q&A sessions with our Titan Masters. 

You can also attend weekly trainings based on the Monthly Titan Topics, ranging from lead generation, email marketing to social selling and profit maximization.

Every session is recorded and accessible 24/7

Interactive Enterpreneur Community

Join an energetic community with hundreds of high quality Out & Proud entrepreneurs on the same wavelength as you.

Entrepreneurship is lonely when you're surrounded by "normal people" who just don't get it.

Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas, make friends and have fun!

Personal Guidance from LGBTQ+ Subject Matter Experts: 4+ zoom sessions per month with your favorite Titan Master. Ask your questions and get the answers you NEED, right NOW!

Private Business Development Platform Access: Join our community of LGBTQ+ Business Owners where you’ll be able to keep learning every single day. Also, join our weekly live Q&A’s.

Pre-Made Templates for Marketing: We’ll give you our top 10 ACDC templates of all time completely licensed for you to re-use and implement right now to increase growth exponentially.

Get Featured: We will feature you as a guest on our Out & Proud Business Builders Podcast so you can share your story and your business with the world!



How to Free up 15 Hours Of Your Week … While Increasing Your Income

What if you could scale your company to new heights while still having more-than enough time to spend with family and friends?

How to get personalized advice for your specific problem from a trusted & vetted designated expert without paying an extra dime

More than 10 subject matter experts are ready to answer every questions you have. No stone is left unturned to help you break through any roadblocks.
If you feel like you're stuck with marketing, sales, operations or finances, then you'll be at the right spot to receive high quality advice from our Titan Masters.

How to read your ideal customers mind so you become one of them!

Imagine that you would know exactly what your ideal customers are thinking RIGHT NOW? You know which conversations they have with their friends, family, and colleagues so you can step in and join them in their current situation. How easy would it be to convince them to work with you if you have the answers they're looking for every single day? 

Within the Out & Proud Business Hub, you'll get instant access to our unique way of gathering that data from our audience. Steal our templates, steal our process, and make it your own. You can thank us later ;)

How to create a "fuck off good" offer that people will feel stupid to say no to!

From the moment you enter the Business Lounge you'll be able to work together with Titanology Founder Stefaan in a 1on1 fashion to help you improve your offer and truly make them irresistable.
We will help you increase (even double) your prices without you feeling icky about it.

How to generate a non-stop stream of qualified prospects that are ready to buy from you

Once you’ve learned how to create a banging good offer and build beautiful-looking funnels, it will be time to start getting high-ticket clients for your business. We’ll teach you everything we’ve learned after working for over 500+ clients in 31 different countries. No other program out there has the same experience than us!

How to confidently sell like crazy while being authentic and a leader for your audience!

You'll become a true authentic thought leader in your niche. Because you will learn how to sell with high levels of authenticity. As LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs, we are naturally connected to an authentic way of living. That unique aspect of our life is added into our Titan Way of doing sales. No sleazy, high pressured methods!

How to stop being so damn busy and remove yourself from the day-to-day of the business!


How to make Your business permanently profitable.

The biggest source of entrepreneurial stress (and even depression) is the lack of cash reserves. Learn the steps from our experts to make sure you can actually enjoy the hard earned money you generated from your business. The actions can seem simple, but it's all about execution and the right guidance.

How to generate new revenue streams through a hiqh quality partnership in just 24 hours.

You are entering a safe space with hundreds of like minded Queerpreneurs that are growing their business. And we also create impactful partnership with leading LGBTQ+ owned companies that you can connect with. These "Preffered Titan Partners" will help you create new opportunities and revenue streams the moment you step into the Business Hub.